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Run + Fuel + Lift Group

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Running and fueling is something I struggled with for a long time that I've focused a lot on in recent years. I had countless races and training runs where I had to sprint to a bathroom mid-run--sound familiar?

When I would ask for advice from other runners, people told me everything from run on an empty stomach to take Imodium before every long run. I knew these didn't seem right, healthy, or sustainable in the long run.

A big part of what I've been focused on in my own professional development as a coach has been on fueling properly & I am so excited to share that info with you.


Run + Fuel + Lift

A 3-week group to teach you about running, fueling, & strength training in an easy to digest and implement way!

You get:

-a 3-week running & strength training program + access to hundreds of other videos for an entire year!

-Daily PDF's and posts with information on pre, during, and post run fueling and hydration

-General whole food nutrition information from a certified nutritionist

-Access to me (certified running coach) for any questions along the way and for the next year

We start on September 20th and I have spots for 10 people. If you want to learn more or dive in, just reply to this email or fill out this link and I'll reach out with enrollment info.

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