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Top 5 Mistakes in Picking a Training Plan

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In this week's live training in the Misadventure Runners Squad, I taught about how to pick a training plan or workout program that you'll actually stick to. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the mistakes people often make! Let me know in the comments if you've ever found yourself making any of these mistakes! (I know number 1 & 5 are a big struggle for me!)

  1. Thinking it has to be all or nothing. It's great for the first week, or two. And then life happens and you miss a workout. So you skip the rest of the week. Or you get stuck in traffic and are short on time, so instead of shortening your workout, you do nothing.

  2. You hate it. Whether you WANT to love it because your friends are loving it or the results you're seeing on social media are impressive, whatever the reason is. You tell yourself you should be doing it. But really, you hate it.

  3. We all know nutrition is such an important part of everything, but instead of thinking of it like a diet, think about fueling your workout. I recently changed my schedule so Monday and Wednesday are VERY hard days. I run long/hard and then do 45 minutes of strength. I know that I need to eat enough on the rest days to make up for the workouts. And not just calories, but nutrition so my body isn't depleted and exhausted allllll the time.

  4. You do too much too soon. You know where you want to go and instead of starting where you're at and taking it one step at a time, you go straight to your goal. And everything seems hard. SO hard. And you are unsuccessful--you can't finish the workouts, you get injured, you don't see the results you want.

  5. Mindset. Not only do you need to get your body to do what you want, you need to get your mind there too. In The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins, so talks about how motivation is crap. Motivation isn't the thing that will get you results. Doing the thing when you're not motivated is what gets you to your dreams. Just doing the thing. But that's a mindset shift to get yourself there, not anything a workout plan or training plan can give you. Until you do that internal work, the rest won't stick.

What do you think--have you made any of these mistakes before?

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