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Water, Water, Water

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

As we’re in the midst of lots of celebrations this week, or at least trying to celebrate in the midst of a hard year, let’s talk a bit about hydration. Since our move, one of the biggest things I've struggled with is hydration.

Hydration Tips from Misadventure Coaching
Post Run Nuun!

Making sure you have the right hydration can:

  • Regulate body temperature

  • Remove waste

  • Increase energy

  • Improve performance

  • Better skin

  • Minimize cramping (including those awful GI cramps!)

When we run, the problem gets even worse. I know in winter when it’s cold, downing a bottle of water doesn’t always seem appealing. Some things I've started doing to help make sure I get 100 oz of water a day...

  • Water before coffee. Drink 1 glass of water before my coffee.

  • Use an app or set an alarm. I have a water bottle with times on it. If I follow it, it's 64 oz (swipe to see it!)

  • Water before meals. Drink a glass of water before I eat a meal.

  • Decaffeinated tea

  • Warmed up Nuun (have you tried their rest line??? The Vanilla Blackberry is my faveeee!)

Recommendations on how much water to drink vary, but AT LEAST 64 oz on non-run days + enough to add back in anything you lost on a run/workout day.

Do you drink enough water?

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