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This Marathon plan is designed for runners who are looking to finish a marathon feeling strong. This is not a high mileage running plan and is suitable for someone who wants to run their first marathon. It is part of the Best Run Year Ever group run club and provides a 17-week training plan with a base of 15 miles per week. The plan is suitable for runners who are used to working out 4 or more times a week and are ready to take the next step towards their goal. With this plan, you will be able to reach your goal of completing your first half marathon with confidence and ease.

  • Intellectual Property

    Race plan is intended for buyer's use only. Do not distribute, make copies, post, or otherwise give away the plan. 

  • Important Reminder

    Your link to download the plan will expire after 30-days. You can email me if you need to redownload after the intial 30 days, but please download and save so you can get running faster!

  • Strength Training Workouts

    This program does NOT come with the access to the BODi workouts. In order to watch the BODi workouts, you MUST purchase that separately at

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