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One on One Coaching WWM
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 One on One Coaching

Personalized for You 

You have running goals and want guidance on how to get from where you are to those goals without the added stress of researching and planning and putting it all together in the most efficient way for your life.


You want to get better at running, but the plans you've found online aren't doing it for you and you don't know what to do next or how to improve. You know something needs to change, but you don't know what. 


You are good at following a plan, until life happens and then you're not sure how to adjust your training for travel, sickness, life with kids, and everything else in your full life 


You love running but struggle with information overload. Should you warm-up? How many miles do you need to run? When should you do strength? Should you stretch? 


You want to put in the training and the work, but the mental load of figuring out your training schedule is an added stress you want to take off your plate. 


You have hit a plateau in your running and you aren't sure why. You struggle with chronic injuries or almost injuries where you're frequently struggling with aches and pains that sideline your training. You need an expert to evaluate your training and figure out how to move forward so you can actually train. 

Imagine knowing what to do, down to the specific strength workout on your favorite streaming platform as well as the prescribed pace, for every workout, in a schedule that matches your life perfectly. 


And when life gets crazy, because it does, someone else takes on the mental load of rearranging your training so that you are still seeing gains in fitness. 


If this sounds like you, one-on-one coaching is what you need! 

Training Plans

Introducing Misadventure Training Race Plans!

Are you ready to start training for a race

but aren’t sure where to start? 


Maybe you tried before but couldn’t stick with it?

Or even crushed your training plan only to get injured? 


Maybe the information overload on plans

and advice and what to do has you in analysis paralysis? 


Do you have big goals for your running

but have no idea what the next step is? 

Your choice of training plans using

the strength you already have are here! 


Imagine being able to finish feeling strong AND getting that PR you’ve been chasing. While you’re at it, picture what that training looks like. 


Does it make you feel overwhelmed? Or like you have no idea what you need to do? 


Imagine that same finish, but this time you were able to train using the tools and equipment you already have and still have time to take a rest day or two a week or go to your favorite workout class? 


That’s what the Misadventure Training Race Plans are all about! 


Training should add to your life, not take away from it. These training plans find a way to use the things you already love and include them in your training. 


No more modifying plans you found for free on the Internet to make your favorite Robin spin class fit in. 


Use a plan that includes them to achieve your run goals. 

Best Run Year Ever

Join Our Community!

1. Choose your goal race for the year. Your Personal Everest! (PE) This should be a goal that inspires you, and as a bi-product, positively impacts every other day of your year! This goal is specific to you, whether it's to start running and complete your first 5k or to qualify for the Boston Marathon, you are welcome here! 
2. You will get a running & strength training plan (& optional nutrition plan) to achieve your goal while become a stronger,

faster runner!
3. I will hold you accountable to your training & the group will support you and cheer for you along the way. 

Bonus: Monthly mini challenges and a chance to earn prizes like running fuel, shoes, gear and more for your training! 

How the Best Run Year Ever Works

Are You Ready For Your

Best Run Year Ever? 

Join our community of runners of all levels so you can run faster, stronger and smarter while having your best run year ever!

Best Run Year Ever
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