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Hey, I'm Jen. Here's a Little Bit About Me

I'm Jen, founder of the Misadventure Squad, a certified run coach, girl mom, teacher, and beach lover. I fell in love with running at the age of 21 and never looked back. 

I remember my freshman year of college I tried to run 0.6mi around my tiny college campus with my roommate who was barely 5 feet tall and partied like a rockstar. I finished one lap with her and called it quits. It was SO hard. 

But there was something about running I always admired. Even when I couldn't run a mile, I loved watching marathons on TV.

I remember writing a bucket list when I was 18 and "run a marathon" was on it. 


I didn't run again until I turned 21. This time, a friend convinced me to sign up for a race. My first race. It was a 10k and it was love at first step. The atmosphere, the crowd, the cheering, the competition. 

I loved every second of it.

Even the parts I hated. 

Jen Steele Certified Run Coach

From there, I kept running. Not fast, but long. I ran my first marathon and it took almost 7 hours. 

But I kept running. 

Over the years, through career changes and grad school, first teaching jobs, a marriage, two pregnancies, a pandemic, job changes and more, I ran. And I learned a lot about running along the way. 

When I ran my third marathon, the Chicago Marathon, I worked with a running coach. It was a life changing experience. It taught me that  if you're chasing big dreams, you should invest in them, learn all you can, and look to people who know more to help you. It inspired me to become a run coach myself - to provide women of ALL levels an expert in running to help them achieve their running goals, whether they're pace, distance, or mindset goals. 


After that decision, I dove into the sport even more. I devoured books, podcasts, and studies on running. I ran thousands of miles. I became a certified run coach, first with Revo2lution Running in 2019 and then with the RRCA in 2020. I have coached hundreds of women to achieve their running goals through coaching with Another Mother Runner, my one on one coaching, and various other group coaching programs. 

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