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Free Private Podcast

In less than 45 minutes learn to fuel your run and ditch the gi distress

Introducing a new private podcast series that’s just for you if you’re over all the sh!t when it comes to fueling your run (literally and figuratively!). You can fuel your run and feel good! 


You plan every run route around bathrooms. You run fasted. You struggle to finish the last few miles of most of your long runs. 

In the Future

You know what you eat before every type of run so you have energy, don't worry about the bathroom situation, and achieve your run goals. 

There's a better way...


What makes this podcast series different? 

  • Actionable items in each podcast episode

  • Breaking fueling down into pre-run, during the run, and post run 

  • Tracking worksheets 

  • Advice from someone who gets it. I've been there -- struggling with GI distress on the run and knowing there has to be a better way. 

  • It's free -- no ads or fees!

I'm an elementary teacher turned run coach. 

I couldn't run a mile until my early 20's, when a friend convinced me to sign up for a race with her. I ran my first 10k and the it was love at first race. 

But I joke that running didn't love me. I struggled with lots of minor injuries and major GI distress on the run. You'll hear that whole story on the first episode! I've spent the last 14 years figuring out how to solve it. 

This podcast is me sharing with you all the best things I've learned about fueling the run--how to avoid that GI distress during and after runs as well as make sure I have energy to finish runs and races feeling strong! 

Can you relate? 

  • You get up early and run without eating

  • You struggle with stomach cramps on runs

  • You hit the bathroom multiple times on runs 

  • Those last few miles of races (or runs!) are always impossibly hard 

  • You have running goals but just can't seem to hit them

  • You want to feel good while running

  • You finish a run and just need a nap 

  • You often have mild headaches and nausea post run 

  • You don't want to gain weight while running

Are you in???

This free private podcast in your back pocket could be what finally lets you ditch the GI distress and achieve your race goals! 

Kiss that pre-run imodium goodbye!

What My Clients Say

Thanks so much for your help.
It feels so good to
be able to offload the mental stress
of planning training and focus on getting my kids/work/life
in order for all of the upcoming
I've learned to be so much kinder to
myself. Although I have my days where
I slip back into self doubt or negative
thoughts, I've learned that positivity
takes me so much further than being
stuck in place because my negativity
is weighing me down.
1. I learned that a great base counts
for more than I thought
2. I ran my first half marathon in 8
years and shocked myself with a 1.5
min PR after not having the training
cycle I wanted. I'm proud of myself for
reassessing my goals before the race,
but being in the right mindset to have
a good day. I found my running mantra to run the mile I'm in.
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