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"Always find time for the
things that make you feel alive.
Go Run."- Jen


I started using Jen a few months ago when I knew I needed help training for the ’22 Chicago Marathon and I couldn’t be happier. I am very injury-prone (I was supposed to run Chicago in 2019 but hurt my foot running and had to keep deferring due to that and the pandemic). She has built a training plan that is very doable, taking my current, slow ability and crazy life into consideration. She pushes and encourages me when I need a push but is always encouraging self-care and rest/recovery, so I don’t overdo it. I feel like Jen is an essential, key part in any runner’s journey.


My running took a back seat for several years when I had my kids but I wanted to work back towards my previous level of competitiveness. Since working with Jen my training has become more consistent and focused. Her knowledge and guidance has helped me to strengthen the areas that need it most.  As a mother she understands when life and a long run don’t mesh and has adjusted plans to keep me on track. Jen is committed to helping her clients realize their potential and reach towards their goals. It’s been such fun getting to work with her!


Jen was such an asset to me while I was trying to get back into running after some time off.  She really understood my needs and supported me through it all.  I never felt like I was pushed too hard, and when she felt like I needed a challenge; it was appropriate for my ability.  As a working mom with little time to myself, she also understood that my treadmill was essential for me to keep up with training.  Her support is always there, and she is very knowledgable about the sport and lifestyle of running.


Working with Jen has helped my running tremendously already.  Beyond just the accountability (which I need), she takes my current ability combined with my goals and creates a training plan that works with my schedule.  The improvements in my pace and ability in just a short time are so encouraging.  Her response to my questions and schedule adjustments are very fast and it feels like I have a coach across town, not across the country.  I would encourage any level of runner to work with Jen


I have worked with Jen to train for a half marathon. I run walk and she worked with me. I was in contact with her all the time on what I did how I felt and what could I do to improve. It was every week we talked. She celebrated my victories and talked about what I could do better. My goal was to finish the half marathon in April in under 3 hours. To be honest I thought it was a long shot but she believed in me to the point that I believed in me. I never ran a mile straight before my race. I always thought I needed to stop. 

Race day. I’m in Dallas Texas and it started at 7:30. She is in California and got up to cheer me on. Through my training with her, I ran a 5k without stopping. I pushed to run a 10k distance and I did not stop. I felt great. I kept pushing myself and ended up running 9 miles straight. I had to slow down because I forgot fuel and they were running out of water. But she believed in me and I ran a distance I never in my wildest dreams would imagine that I could. I finished in 2:50:50. I was on top of the moon. I did it. 

Jen is the type of coach who listens and does not judge. She knows things come up and she is willing to change the plan if need be. I would recommend her to anyone who will listen. We are prepping to start training on my next race. I have a goal to run a half marathon all the way through and with her guidance I know I can do it!!!!!! She is the best.

Thanks guys! it was a great race, and the training, support and info I have
gained in this group made all the I've cut my typical
run pace by about a minute from just over 10 min to now under 10 min
by following Jens plans. I started with just doing effort and
noticed my times were getting faster and now that I'm training for a 1/2 I
do some based on goal time and some based on effort depending on
what the plan says.! I PR'd and  
can't wait for the next one!
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