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The Run Strong Training Club

Say goodbye to one size fits all plans, boring your non-running friends with run talk, and training information overload.

Achieve your half or full marathon dreams with a community of other women! 

You've spent training cycle after training cycle following a plan you bought online, only to see no results 

Can you relate?

You're bored with training 

You have no one to train with 

Your friends and family are tired of hearing about your runs

You've plateaued and don't know what to change 
You want to try speed work, but don't know where to start 
The thought of a one on one coach is intimidating 

You feel guilty spending more money on your training

You just need someone to tell you what to do, how to do it, and cheer you on along the way. 
Run Strong Training Club Testimonials

The Run Strong Training Club is unique because it gives you...


You're probably wondering if this group is for you...

I get it...

If the training plan, the resources, and the accountability in this group are going to be the thing that finally gets you to achieve your run goals. 

If this will actually work after injury, failed attempts, and burnout. 

If you can keep up. If you can do the workouts. If you'll be the slowest one in the group. 

I get it. I have thought all those things too (you can learn more about me here). That's why I know this group will work. I have taken all of those doubts of my own and created a group that will be just the thing you need to achieve those goals feeling strong, confident, and joyful. 

When we achieve great things on our own, it doesn't feel nearly as special... - Shalane Flanagan

I believe...

You can achieve big run goals without sacrificing the other important things in your life. 

You can find more joy in running while chasing those big run goals. 

Doing it in community is just better. It increases the fun, the accountability, and the your confidence. 

Join the Run Strong Training Club in 3 Simple Steps


Pick your distance - half marathon or full marathon & check out. You'll get a form to fill out and within two weeks, you'll get a custom training plan of either 16 or 20 weeks based on your fitness, race, goals, and life. 


You'll get invited to the group chat and a private google drive with resources on nutrition, fueling, speed work, and more. The chat will be yours to access 24/7 for questions, motivation, accountability, and community. 

Run Strong Training Club Testimonials
Run Strong Training Club


Training in a group is better -- you'll enjoy the process more as well as feel strong with the included strength training, run faster on speed days, and as one athlete said, feel less beat up and eady to race on race day! 

Feel Strong with the Run Strong Training Club

What's Included

Custom Training Plan

A custom training plan of either 16 or 20 weeks with individual paces and workouts based on your current fitness and life schedule. This will also include specific strength training and mobility workouts. 

Valued at $399 for 16 weeks and $499 for 20 weeks 

Ongoing Support & Accountability

When you join the training club, you'll get access to our private chat with other runners in your race distance. You'll receive daily motivation, check-ins, tips, and accountability. 

Value: Priceless


Access to a private google drive with resources for training reflections, run fueling education, run fueling tracking, and more. 

Valued at over $250 

Pre-Race Strategy Call

Get a pre-race strategy call with a coach to talk through any race day nerves, from race pacing to fueling to traveling and getting to the start line, we have you covered! 

Valued at $95

Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself. If you run, you are a runner. - John Bingham

Join Today

Add to cart and check out below for the training club AND the Every Woman's Marathon Training Add-on.

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