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Run Strong

 Off Season Runner Bootcamp Using BODi

Stop restarting every training cycle. 

Become a faster and stronger runner. 

So many runners don't train consistently between races, so they have to restart every training cycle. 

Can you relate? 

  • You just ran your goal race and didn't get the result you want. You want to try again and know you need to do something different. 

  • You ran your goal race and knocked your goal out of the park. Now you want to see what else is possible! 

  • You're not sure what to do between now and your next training cycle. 

  • You want to include more strength training, but you're not sure what to do or how to combine it best with running. 

  • You know the holidays are going to get busy and you want to set up a good  routine now. 

  • You don't have a goal race soon but want to still be training so you can achieve your goals when the time comes. 

  • You are struggling without a plan to follow and just want someone to tell you what to do and when to do it! 

you can get stronger and faster in between training cycles 


Following a training plan between cycles allows you to build on the fitness you've gained. It's the key. 

Strength Training

Including more strength training between race cycles so you can get stronger and prevent injury. 

More Freedom

A base building phase of training should allow for more freedom in your schedule! 

Tying Shoelace
Tying Shoelace

I get it... you're not training for a race right now

I know you want to achieve running goals, whether it's to run your first 5k, achieve a PR in your half marathon, or finally tackle the marathon, but you're not training for your goal race...YET.


In order to do that, you need a plan that allows you to build on each training cycle. The problem is, you feel burned out and need a break from training. Plus you don't even know what to do without a training plan. 

I believe you can build on each training cycle without overwhelm, confusion, or frustration. I also believe true success lies in the consistency--consistency based on your schedule and your fitness. I understand why it seems confusing. It's why I created the Run Strong: Off Season Bootcamp for Runners. After every race I would stop being consistent and lose fitness and have to start over. It wasn't until I realized what base building was and how to include it in my training that I PR'd in every distance and decided to tackle the marathon again. Now I've helped dozens of women do the same. 

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The Run Strong Approach is Different Because...

A Simple Plan for Success

The right plan that you can actually follow will change your training and fitness. 

Expert Support

Run Strong is not just a training plan with workout videos to follow. You get education and access to coaches to get your questions answered, plans modified, and expert advice. 


You are not doing this on your own. Not only do you get access to expert coaches, you also get to be a part of the Run Strong community -- full of other runners in the same base building phase of training you are! 

BODi Strength Workouts

Easy to follow strength workouts with form cues, tracking, and modifications for all level of runner. 

Join the Bootcamp



Pick your training plan to follow 


Follow the plan to get stronger & faster

Be a Stronger Runner in 3 simple steps

For $35 you get: 

1 Month access to the group

1 month 1 access to the Run Strong Bootcamp group with weekly ask a coach posts, access to expert advice, and education on becoming a stronger runner. 

Training Plans

One month training plans included -- what speed work to do, what strength workouts to do, and when. Two levels included. 

1 month of Strength Training Workouts with BODi

Along with a month1 of access to the group, you will get 1 months access to the entire library on BODi workouts and programs. 

Run Strong Community

Do this with other women fitting training and run goals into their full lives. Inspire, support, and be inspired by the group. A rising tide lifts all ships. 

Don't lose the fitness you've built. 

Build on it so your next race is different. 

What My Clients Say

"Improvement was my consistency to my workouts. This program motivated me to increase to 4 runs per week (from 3) and do those double workout days."
"Definitely feel stronger. I'm sleeping better and my endurance increased with the combo of strength training and running."
" Run felt great and I'm getting better a fueling. Also, my paces are faster than I ever thought I could run!!!" 
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