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Make Running Fun Toolbox

Run with more fun and less stress, no matter your level or goals! 


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How runners are achieving running goals and having more fun throughout the process! 

If you're ready to have more fun while chasing your run dreams or even dream a little bigger with those run goals, add your name and email below to get instant access to my free e-book with everything you need to find more joy running. 

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Isn't it ironic? 

We start running because we want to achieve a goal. 

But the journey to the start line creates stress, doubt, and zero time in your schedule for mistakes, travel, or life. . 


So you do the one race (or two or three) but life happens and getting back to chasing run goals sounds like too much: 

  • too much time

  • too much stress

  • too much mental power 

  • too much work 

Let me tell you, there's a better way...

Let's Run!

Jen Steele Certified Run Coach

I get it...

I'm Jen, a former elementary teacher turned run coach. I was also a back of the pack runner who started running as an adult. I was often injured--not enough to stop running, but enough that I frequently missed my goals. I didn't have time to train for races using plans I found online. I had no idea what I was supposed to do on a cross training or strength training day. 

So I became what I needed. I am a run coach for women of all levels and paces who want to chase their run goals with more joy. Without sacrificing the other pieces of life that you love. 

I stumbled upon all the tools in this PDF through years of training and chasing running goals. These tools have allowed me to run faster, farther, and with more miles than ever before...including taking on my first ultramarathon! 

Run your best race differently with my support

Does this sound like you???

  • You have run goals but thinking of them just overwhelms you

  • You ran a big race and now you're feeling those post race blues 

  • You are feeling burned out 

  • You want to run (again) but it just feels so hard

  • You don't know how to get back to your love of running

What My Clients Say

Thanks so much for your help.
It feels so good to
be able to offload the mental stress
of planning training and focus on getting my kids/work/life
in order for all of the upcoming
I've learned to be so much kinder to
myself. Although I have my days where
I slip back into self doubt or negative
thoughts, I've learned that positivity
takes me so much further than being
stuck in place because my negativity
is weighing me down.
1. I learned that a great base counts
for more than I thought
2. I ran my first half marathon in 8
years and shocked myself with a 1.5
min PR after not having the training
cycle I wanted. I'm proud of myself for
reassessing my goals before the race,
but being in the right mindset to have
a good day. I found my running mantra to run the mile I'm in.

Make Running Fun! 

Download the toolbox and get everything you need to make running more fun: 

  • mindset tips & tools

  • fueling resources

  • speed workouts

  • playlists 

  • podcasts 

  • journaling

  • & more! 

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