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1:1 Run Coaching

Chase your run goals with more joy and less sacrifice

So you can be present for the other important parts of life too! 

So many runners spend countless hours researching plans and information online and end up more confused, overwhelmed, and stressed out. 

Can you relate?

  • You have a run goal, whether it's to get started, try a new distance, or chase a new PR.

  • You want to get better at running, but the plans you've found online aren't doing it for you

  • You don't know what to do next or how to improve. You know something needs to change, but you don't know what

  • You are good at following a plan, until life happens and then you're not sure how to adjust your training for travel, sickness, life with kids, and everything else in your full life 

  • You have struggled with burnout, injury, or lack of motivation in the past and are ready to "do it right" 

  • You want to find more joy and fun in your running 

  • You aren't sure how to fit running in your day to day schedule, but you aren't ready to hang up your running shoes yet 

I BELIEVE you can achieve big run goals without sacrificing the rest of your life. 

You want to achieve run goals, but you can't sacrifice anything else in your life right now either 

get it. I am a mom of two young kids, juggling all the things and my training schedule as well. After struggling through under training, modifying schedules unsuccessfully, and failing to achieve race goals, I learned a lot.


Through my experience of research, continued education, certifications, coaching runners and my own training, I have created a unique way of coaching my athletes that helps you achieve your running goals without sacrificing all the other parts of life you love to do and can't get out of (can someone please make my kids dinner? Only half joking!) 

Run your next race differently when you train with me. 

I keep it stress free, here's how: 


Training delivered in 1-2 week blocks


Unlimited communication & resources for mindset, fueling, and more


Unlimited Training log Feedback & adjustements


Pre-& Post-Race Strategy and Review calls

Discount codes, Private community, book club, articles, $80/year to the Feed, and more


What Misadventure Athletes Say

I've learned to be so much kinder to
myself. Although I have my days where
I slip back into self doubt or negative
thoughts, I've learned that positivity
takes me so much further than being
stuck in place because my negativity
is weighing me down.
Thanks so much for your help.
It feels so good to
be able to offload the mental stress
of planning training and focus on getting my kids/work/life
in order for all of the upcoming

Lace Up & Get Started Today in 3 simple steps

Get started today
Jump in and immediately get connected with Jen and the Misadventure Run Squad
Schedule a kickoff call 
Have more fun training
One on one call with Jen to go over your goals, your life, so she can set-up a plan that works for you
Experience the freedom that comes from releasing the mental load of training

Not sure it's a good fit or the right time? Email me here so and I'll help you decide. 

Don't google your way through another training cycle. 

Let's work together to create a training plan that works for your life for more joy and less sacrifice.

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