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Run + Lift + Fuel Masterclass

Run + Lift + Fuel Masterclass

The Run + Lift + Fuel course for runners will teach you how to combine running and strength training as well as fueling your body so you can continue doing it for years to come.


When you join the Run + Lift + Fuel course, you get to pick from 2 different running and strength plans based on your current fitness level, mileage, and time to dedicate to training. The plans are created by me, a professional run coach who specializes in training runners as complete athletes by incorporating strength training, their favorite non-running activities, and classes into training.


You know you need to strength train, but you often skip it because of all the things. With this course and the plan you will get above, you will know exactly when and HOW to strength train based on where you are in your training cycle. 


In this course you will also learn more about the why behind it. I will share some of the more recent studies and how to incorporate those into your training.


Contrary to what people may tell you, GI distress on the run is not “just a part of running” although it is very common. I remember many people telling me at the start of my running journey to just take imodium before every long run – no thank you! This course will help you learn how to fuel your run before, during, and after, not just for performance but to avoid those dreaded runner’s trots and unexpected porta-potty trips!


Imagine what it would feel like to go into your next training cycle and completely trust your strength training and nutrition on the run. 


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