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Virtual 1 on 1 Personal Run Coaching

Virtual 1 on 1 Personal Run Coaching

Looking to reach the next level in your running but not quite sure how to get there? I can help! For those runners who are looking for individualized feedback and guidance throughout their training, online coaching is the best option.

All athletes receive:

  • Initial evaluation/fitness assessment where we review the athlete's history and establish training goals.
  • Weekly customized training schedule (built for you, around your schedule and goals) with detailed workout description and instruction. Your training plan will have detailed goal paces, distance, duration and intensity targeting your goal race.  The training plan is delivered in small 1-3 week increments so that I can constantly adapt and adjust the plan based on how you are progressing.
  • Training log review; modification and fine-tuning of training schedule as needed.
  • Unlimited access to coach via email and text.  
  • Running-specific stretching and strength training tips to help you develop more efficient techniques and prevent injury.
  • Strength training/HIIT, swimming and indoor cycling workouts included in weekly training schedule; if requested.
  • Training and race day nutrition guidelines and overall nutrition and hydration recommendations to perform at your best.
  • Training and race recovery guidelines.
  • Race preparation advice.
  • VDot02 for training/communication with workouts emailed daily 


    Price Options
    1:1 Virtual Coaching
    $169.00every month until canceled
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