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5k to 10k Training Plan

5k to 10k Training Plan

Have you ever finished a 5k? Amazing! 


And then tried to increase your distance from there to a 10k or half marathon but kept feeling like you couldn't get past that 3 or 4 mile mark? Once you hit one hour, your body and mind just gave up? 


This plan is designed to take you from finishing a 5k or even a Couch to 5k program to that next distance! This plan ends at a 10k distance, but you could easily jump from this plan into a half marathon plan feeling strong and ready to tackle the distance! 


A majority of the workouts in this 8-week program are walk/run intervals, building both your aerobic capacity and flexing your mental strength to take on longer distances of running! 


If you have questions on the plan, please email me at before purchase. There is no refunds or returns on training plans. This plan is designed for use by the purchaser only, please do not share, distribute, or publish this plan. 

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