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The Complete Misadventure Guide to your First Half Marathon Using Free Workouts

The Complete Misadventure Guide to your First Half Marathon Using Free Workouts

Are you ready to start training for your first half marathon or your first half marathon in a long time but aren’t sure where to start?


Maybe you tried before but couldn’t stick with it? Or even crushed your training plan only to get injured?


Maybe the information overload on plans and advice and what to do has you in analysis paralysis?


Do you have big goals for your running but have no idea what the next step is?


Imagine being able to finish feeling strong AND getting that PR you’ve been chasing. While you’re at it, picture what that training looks like.


Does it make you feel overwhelmed? Or like you have no idea what you need to do?


Imagine that same finish, but this time you were able to train using the tools and equipment you already have and still have time to take a rest day or two a week or go to your favorite workout class?


That’s what the Complete Misadventure Guide to your Half Marathon is all about!


Training should add to your life, not take away from it. These training plans find a way to use the things you already love and include them in your training.


No more searching the internet for hours to find free strength workouts that will actually complement your running.


You get:

A 12-week Half Marathon at your chosen level with free youtube workouts built-in to optimize training and fitness gains

Weekly reflection pages for keeping track of how you're feeling along the way

Private Facebook community for community, motivation, and helpful tips

Access to me for any questions or modifications needed to your training plan


This plan is for you if you are a runner who has about an hour to dedicate to training 5 times a week, often less! You want to finish a half marathon and feel strong without any extra mileage or time. This is a great plan if you’re a first time half marathoner, haven’t run a half in a while, or have struggled to actually follow a plan in the past.


The weekly mileage starts around 10 miles a week and has a peak week of 25 miles with a 12 mile long run. The plan includes 3-4 days of running and 2-3 days of strength training. You should be able to run for 30 minutes before starting this plan.


Total Value: over $150!

Your investment: only $49


  • Intellectual Property

    Race plan is intended for buyer's use only. Do not distribute, make copies, post, or otherwise give away the plan. 

  • Important Reminder

    Your link to download the plan will expire after 30-days. You can email me if you need to redownload after the intial 30 days, but please download and save so you can get running faster! 

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