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Virtual Coach Business Mentorship For Run Coaches & Runners

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Hi! I’m Jen, the founder of the Misadventure Squad!

Run Coach Jen
My and my family

I’m a mom of two girls, part-time teacher, and run coach who has turned my love of the run and helping others into a thriving career!

My business allows me to fill all my cups up – teaching, running, coaching, and momming – while still having the time freedom I was craving as a full-time teacher.

The Misadventure Squad is part of Team Run the World, a group of women – mostly runners and moms and lots of teachers – who are passionate about helping others, fitness and running but who want the freedom to work for themselves.

We are virtual fitness coaches who specialize in helping runners incorporate world-class strength and nutrition programs into their running routines, whether they’re a recreational runner, stroller runner, or training for a marathon! You don’t need any training or certification right now, I'll teach you everything you need!

We partner with an incredible company who creates the programs, and it’s your job as a coach to simply connect your clients with these programs and support them in virtual accountability groups. This is true whether you’re a run coach or simply a woman who wants to live a healthier life.

If you’re a run coach or interested in that side of things, I will show you not only how I create the training plans incorporating strength using the most up-to-date research in the field, but also how I monetize differently.

If you’re not a run coach, don’t worry! I’ll share my training plans and expertise with you so your clients get the best experience and outcomes possible!

My Coaching Story

When I started my run coaching business, I saw my athletes were seriously lacking an easy and accessible way to strength train. In order to help, I was filming my own warm-up videos, monthly strength training workouts, and cool down stretches.

I hated it! The actual workouts were fine, but the production value was awful. The lighting was bad, the sound quality was poor, they were boring and I don’t think my athletes were accountable to follow through at all.

I didn’t become a run coach because I wanted to be a fitness instructor. I became a run coach because I wanted to help women see their greatness through running. Strength training was just an essential side piece.

So I partnered with a company that creates world-class strength programs. I use those programs to write effective training plans for my athletes that achieve results, whether they want to get stronger, to run their first 5k, or to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Through incorporating these strength programs, I have seen athletes run their personal best by 20 minutes, take the podium at local races, feel stronger than ever before, understand their fueling and relationship with food, and tackle distances they never felt capable of.

I have also seen an increase in the number of athletes I coach 1:1 as well as my overall income.

One on One Coach Mentorship

You may be a good fit for my coach mentorship and our team if you:

  • Love to run

  • Have a vision to live your life on your terms and are willing to work for it

  • Want to help other women see their potential

  • Are coachable and open to my mentoring

  • Love setting goals and receiving prizes and recognition for achieving them

I’ll give you the systems and tools to be successful, the accountability and mentorship to help you create a thriving online business that you’re proud of with as little as 5 hours per week. You set your own hours based on your income goals and I give you the roadmap to achieve them.

We’ll have fun & you’ll get even more fit and become a faster runner doing it!

Watch this video to learn more about our team!

What’s Included in the Mentorship

As a part of the one on one coach mentorship, you get:

  • A weekly coaching call with me

  • Access to run and strength training plans for our most popular programs

  • Opportunities to create and execute virtual training clubs

  • Access to a private facebook group with additional weekly trainings, tips, and community

  • Monthly team calls to get to know the larger team as well as any relevant updates and trainings

  • Daily “power hours” to learn how what you need to be successful in short pockets of time throughout the day

Coach Mentorship – Application


What if I don’t have a run coaching or other certification?

That’s totally fine! I will give you all the tools you need. Unless you want to write the running plans, you don’t need any certification. I can show you the plans I’ve created. The strength programs are created by trainers and professionals with all the credentials!

What if I haven’t really done anything with my run coaching? I don’t have any clients.

Again, no problem! This is a great way to start building both businesses at the same time. They are a great complement to one another – all runners need strength training!

What is the cost?

It’s an initial fee of $140 and then $15.95 a month after that. Cancel anytime with a simple text, no questions asked.

What about my current clients? Can I keep coaching them?

Whatever you currently do, you can keep doing. You can offer them strength services through this, but you absolutely do not have to change anything you’re currently doing with your clients. This is just an additional stream of income but in no way affects current coaching.

I use this as an “add-on” for my clients, but this is your business too. It’s up to you to make it what you want.

Ready to jump in? Fill out the application above!

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