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Essential Affordable Running Gear

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

I love running gear. I love my Run in Rabbit crops, my Brooks Ghost shoes and bras, and alllll the rest of it. But honestly, I ran for a long time before I spent good money on all the things. After all, I started running as a broke senior in college!

Here are my favorite affordable pieces of running gear:

  • Target's All in Motion sports bras -- $16. I have used some version of these for 12 years and they're great. When I was postpartum, I just layered 2 and it was cheaper than any of the expensive ones I was recommended.

  • Tifosi Sunglasses -- $25. these ones are $35 because I customized them, but they are amazing. They don't slip or fog. I can even loop them around the back of my sports bra if I start running before the sun and they don't slide around or fall off!

  • Old Navy Athletic Socks -- $12 for 6 pairs. These are great. I grab them more often than my lululemon running socks. I think my Balega's are the only ones I go to more often!

  • Let's Fit bluetooth headphones - $30. I've have 3 different bluetooth headphones and they're all great. Awesome battery, stays in my small ears, and cheap enough to replace when I lose one in the gym daycare (yup, that happened!)

What is your favorite affordable running gear? Anything I missed?

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