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Fall 2023 Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program

It’s time to kick off your fall running season!

Train for a Fall 2023 Marathon & Half Marathon
Best Run Year Ever is Enrolling

I just finished the Mountains 2 Beach half marathon, but if you followed along with any of my training, you know that was just a stepping stone for me as I train for the Chicago Marathon this October!

And I’m so excited to invite you to train with me!

I’ll be following the schedule I’ve designed for the Fall 2023 marathon & half marathon training: Best Run Year Ever! Whether you’re training for a half or full marathon this fall, I’d love for you to join the community and train alongside me so we can cheer each other, motivate each other, and hold one another accountable to get in the miles and the strength workouts!

The Best Run Year Ever is an amazing community that will help you get strong, have fun, and enjoy your best race ever!

What's Included in the Fall 2023 Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program?

Included in the group is everything you need to run strong and injury free all year:

  • Training plans created by a professional run coach – base building plans for the entire year and a race distance specific plan that includes long runs, easy runs, speed work, and the strength workouts you should! ($300 value)

  • Streaming, on-demand and live, strength workouts on BODi created by professional coaches to make sure you’re progressing in the moves ($179 value)

  • Challenges - monthly focus with challenges to help keep you motivated and on track – prizes included! (prizes valued $30-$50)

  • Nutrition guidance – weekly meal plans and grocery lists to make things easy as you’re fueling your run! ($50 value)

  • Choice of 2 nutrition programs – I will guide you to the best one for you, whether you need flexibility or structure, you’re covered! ($240 cost)

  • A month sample of a superfood shake and energizing pre-workout so you get the most out of your day, your workout, and your nutrition! ($120 cost)

  • Check-ins & support – weekly group check-ins to share wins and struggles, celebrations as a group, and twice monthly check-ins from me to help modify the plan or help you figure out how to make things work better for you and your life! (priceless)

Total Value: $939


Enrollment is a one-time purchase of $219 that includes everything above and a free race distance training plan if you decide to run a race!

If you’re ready to jump in before our kick-off call on June 4th, you get $30, bringing the price down to $189 for the rest of the year!

The Best Run Year Ever is for you if:

  • You’re short on time but still want to see growth in your running – and feel more fit!

  • You need more guidance than free (or even paid!) training plans you’ve gotten off of Pinterest, Instagram, or Google

  • You want to get faster and more fit but you don’t know what you actually need to do

  • You want to improve your nutrition along the way – fueling the run and beyond. Weight loss would be an added bonus!

Still not sure these plans will work for you? Check out what other women who have used these same principles to train with me have to say

Fall 2023 Marathon & Half Marathon Training: Learn what others are saying about the Best Run Year Ever program!
Best Run Year Ever Testimonials

Fall 2023 Marathon & Half Marathon Training: Learn what others are saying about the Best Run Year Ever program!

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