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Simple Ways to Fuel Your Run

Have you ever experienced that gut wrenching, "find me a bathroom now" moment on the run?

Or maybe it wasn't that. Maybe you just couldn't pull on your goal race pace for the final miles of your race?

Or you crushed your long run only to be completely exhausted the rest of the day (weekend?) and wondered if you were coming down with something?

Introducing, The Simple Ways to Fuel your Run, a free private podcast that will answer all your questions on fueling and how to these things from happening.

Simple Ways to Fuel Your Run is a new private podcast series that’s just for you if you’re over all the sh!t when it comes to fueling your run.

Simple Ways to Fuel Your Run is a new private podcast series that’s just for you if you’re over all the sh!t when it comes to fueling your run (literally and figuratively!). You can fuel your run and feel good!

With the Simple Ways to Fuel Your Run private podcast, you get:

  • Actionable items in each podcast episode

  • Breaking fueling down into pre-run, during the run, and post run

  • Tracking worksheets

  • Advice from someone who gets it. I've been there -- struggling with GI distress on the run and knowing there has to be a better way.

  • Less than 45-minutes

  • It's free -- no ads or fees!

My Fueling Story

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve probably heard my fueling story. I struggled with fueling my run for years–close to a decade even. Dealing with GI distress, crashing and burning during races, underfueling, not fueling with the right mix, literally anything you can do wrong with fueling, I’ve done!

My knowledge of fueling the run is a result of being told to “just take imodium before every long run” and knowing there had to be a better way. This podcast is me showing you everything I’ve learned. In small, bite sized action steps that will lead you to success in fueling your own running journey.

Does this sound like you?

  • You get up early and run without eating

  • You struggle with stomach cramps on runs

  • You hit the bathroom multiple times on runs

  • Those last few miles of races (or runs!) are always impossibly hard

  • You have running goals but just can't seem to hit them

  • You want to feel good while running

  • You finish a run and just need a nap

  • You often have mild headaches and nausea post run

  • You don't want to gain weight while running

Trust me, I get it. That was me for so long. But there’s a better way. I’m here to show you how.

My Top 3 Fueling Tips

Before you jump over and grab the podcast (seriously, do it, it’s awesome!) I want to share with you my top 3 fueling tips that people don’t talk about very often!

  1. You need to train your gut, just like you train your other muscles! You cannot expect to just start taking in gus or chews on the run. You need to start small and build up, same as running right?

  2. Keep trying. Just because what worked for your BRF or sister or that star running in your run club doesn’t mean it will work for you. Keep trying different options and find what works for you. And stick with that.

  3. Pay attention to the trends. Don’t just toss out things as random bad days or keep doing the same thing that makes you feel bad. Actually pay attention to what you’re eating, when, and how it’s making you feel. That’s the only way you’re going to figure out what works for you so you can keep doing that.

Want more of my easy tips and fueling advice? Check out the podcast. It’s free. It’s quick. You can listen anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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