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The Best Mental Training for Runners: Job1 Review and Results

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Who do you want to be? What do you want out of life? What do you want out of your running?

As my mileage has increased with marathon training, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my life - who I want to be and what I want my life to look like.

A lot of it, I’m still figuring out. I feel like it is constantly changing with my kids' ages, my work, and what else is going on in my life. But I do know that I want to do more things in community with other amazing women who want to create a life they love too.

When it comes to health, it can be easy to check the boxes off without actually thinking about your intention or what you want out of it. Also makes it so much easier to skip workouts when things get crazy (are you feeling that spring break, end of school year , life back to pre-pandemic level craziness starting to creep in too???)

Running and Mental Strength

In my upcoming What You Water Will Grow Challenge group, we’re going to be focusing on growing into the person we want to be by putting our attention where it matters on our health and wellness- together! We will work on mentally training for running as well as overall mindset improvement, whether you’re a runner or not. I have found that mindset is such a huge part of success in nutrition, running, performance, weight loss, and overall health.

During the challenge, we’ll be focusing on removing the “weeds” we’ve let grow in our fitness and mindset journey and watering our intentions to be our healthiest and best self. We’ll encourage each other in our physical, emotional, and mental goals to live a more balanced life. I will post some daily thoughts and questions, and each of us (me included!) will be working towards our own specific goals we’ll set.

Who is it for?

I’m looking to do this in community with other badass women who want to truly think about creating a life they love–a life by design – for 30 days. If you are someone who wants to improve your mindset, but are BUSY and need to get it done, this is for you.

Mental Strength & Strength Training - Why Job 1 is The Best Mental Training Workout for Runners

I recommend the workouts from the JOB 1 program – they are only 20 minutes long, 5 days a week. They’re perfect if you want to combine it with running, but also amazing workouts on their own. As a runner, all you need is 20-30 minutes of strength training 3 times a week!

Job 1 Review & Results

How to sign up for the running mindset journey

If you want to be a more fit, mentally strong runner or if you know of someone else that could benefit from something like this, please fill out this form and I’ll get you set up!

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