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The Best Run Year Ever

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

I'm excited to announce my brand new virtual runners community, The Best Run Year Ever!

The Best Run Year Ever is going to support you in achieving your 2023 running goals. We will support each other in learning, growing, having fun, and being part of an incredible group of women rising up together!

The Best Run Year Ever - Starting January 8th

No more questioning your training or not knowing what to do, skipping workouts and not knowing how to get back on track, or wondering whether or not you can achieve your goal.

Imagine challenging yourself to a big running goal in 2023 - your Personal Everest - and then having the exact plan to conquer it, with people cheering for you the entire way. Whether you want to become a more consistent runner, find more joy in your running, achieve a personal best in a race distance, or something else, your goals are welcome here!

Imagine waking up every morning excited to work toward your goal. You'll open the most positive app on your phone where you'll get a morning motivational or educational message and then get to check in with positive, like minded runners! And on those not so motivated days, we will be there to help you show up in the best way you can for that day.

In our private app, you can log your daily runs and workouts (and even your nutrition and water if you want to!) and get support and encouragement from the coaches & other members. We'll have a monthly theme for our content and education to make you a more well rounded, faster runner. This includes a zoom call with guidance from an expert (recorded)!


Each month you'll have the chance to earn prizes in two different challenges (these are optional)! One is a week-long challenge in line with the theme (think challenges around foam rolling, drinking water, eating veggies) & the second is a raffle for consistently logging your workouts/runs! In January we're going to be giving away one of Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky’s cook books & a Hydroflask.

Training Plans

With your enrollment you'll get 1 free race distance specific training plan created by me, a certified run coach with 4 years of experience coaching female runners of all levels. These plans include speed workouts, long runs, mobility, and strength workouts all designed to get you to achieve your Personal Everest (aka goal race).

You will get your plans delivered straight to your inbox by me or one of the other coaches and you can find them daily in the app! No more worrying about what workout you’re supposed to do or when – simply pull out your phone and tap the link!

There are 5 plans to choose from: half marathon - beginner/intermediate, half marathon - intermediate/advanced, marathon, 5K, and 10K. If you need more than one race distance specific plan, we’ve got you covered – you get 50% off on any additional plans you purchase!

Best Run Year Ever Marathon Plan

With the Best Run Year Ever Marathon Plan, you will get running workouts 5 days a week most weeks, strength training 2-3 days a week depending on where in your training cycle you are, as well as a mobility or stretching workout once a week.

The majority of the weekday workouts will be between one and two hours, with a few going over in those peak weeks of training! The training plan maxes out at just over 40 miles per week.

Best Run Year Ever Half Marathon Plan

For the half marathon, there are two different plans, a Finish Strong plan designed for those who are running their first half marathon, first half marathon in a while, or just want a more balanced training plan with other commitments to their time and energy. The Crush It plan is for those half marathon runners who have a few under their belt and are looking to take their training to the next level!

Finish Strong

Finish Strong keeps the workouts to one a day most days (either strength or a run) and all weekday workouts are meant to be finished in under an hour. The longest run is 12 miles.

Crush It

The Crush It plan includes two a day workouts (a run and strength) a few times a week and has tempo runs, so more workouts per week! Some of the runs are longer during the week and will take over an hour depending on your pacing. The long runs top out at 15 miles.

Best Run Year Ever 10K & 5K Training Plans

These training plans are designed for those who want to push toward a race. Neither plan is designed for a complete new runner, but you can absolutely use them if you’re new to racing or have never committed to a race program before. These are also a great challenge if you want to build toward a fall half or marathon!

Best Run Year Ever Base Building Plans

We will also upload a base training running calendar to the group every month for you to use if you don't have a race on your calendar. You'll be more motivated than you ever have been knowing exactly what you need to do! No more questioning how to combine strength and running, we’ve done it for you! The base plan will give you a plan to follow that includes both strength and running. The run portion will give you speed or tempo with ranges depending on your current fitness, long run options, and additional easy days. It will also help you figure out what strength workouts to do on which days to optimize your training.

The Strength Workouts for Best Run Year Ever

We are kicking the year off with a brand new strength program called Sure Thing that uses type training – working both those fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers so you’ll be better at both sprinting and those long endurance runs! (Learn more about why you should strength train as a runner here!)

We will use these workouts for the first 2 months of training and then switch to something new so you’re never bored and constantly challenged!

The strength workouts will stay between 30-45 minutes and anywhere from 2-5 days a week depending on your chosen training plan!


We’re here to create well rounded athletes, and that means that we get sick, we travel, we take time off. We know life happens. We will help you modify the schedule for travel, sickness, and life!

If you want to join the Best Run Year Ever for a season of training cycle, you’re welcome to! If you want to join us for the whole year, that’s included in your enrollment! An entire year of workouts, training plans, and community for only $239!

If you’re not ready to commit for a FULL year, that’s ok too! Stay as long as you want, take a break when you need it, and come back when it fits!

Are you ready to have your best run year ever?

If this sounds great, get enrollment info here.

I can’t wait – I know this is going to help you crush your personal Everest!

Fill out this form today so I can help you get set-up to make 2023 your Best Run Year Ever!

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