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9 Ways to Run Safely

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

This week is Runner’s Safety Awareness week. In honor of that, I’m sharing 9 of my favorite ways to make sure I’m safe when I head out for a run.

Side note: it makes me beyond frustrated that this is even a thing. Let’s strive to raise people that create a world that is safe for everyone to do their thing.

  1. Bring your phone. I mentioned this on Monday in my Koala Clip giveaway post, but I always bring my phone, even when I’m not listening to music or a podcast

  2. Tell someone where you’re going. I let someone, usually my hubby, know where I’m headed

  3. Run with a friend. Strength in numbers.

  4. If it’s dark or dusk, wear reflective clothing and lights--glow sticks make great cheap lights when running (thanks for that tip Sarah with Multiples & Miles!)

  5. Run against traffic. You are going to see a car before they see you. Run on the opposite side of the street so you can pay attention.

  6. Don’t run the same route at the same time all the time. We all have those routes we love, but change up the day of the week or the time you run there so you’re not easy to track. Sounds crazy, but it keeps you safe.

  7. Again, I mentioned it on Monday, but the lock button on an iphone pushed 5 times fast will automatically call 911.

  8. Certain Garmin watches have an emergency contact feature - you can check it out on their blog!

  9. Learn some basic self defense, it’s good for running and life in general!

Run safe friends!

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