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Free 2-Week Meal Plan for Runners with Running Workouts & Strength Training Workouts

When I first started running, I fell in love with it. My first race, a 10k, had me from the moment I showed up to the start line. The competitive part of myself that had gotten reserved for game nights and friendly debates showed up ready to go.

Was I fast? Absolutely not. Did I place in my age group? Far from it. I finished in the last ⅓ of runners. But it didn’t stop my love for races.

The competitive side of me wanted to get faster, but I was broke and newly graduated from college so I had no resources to spend. I had no idea what I was doing other than half following the free plans I was finding on Pinterest. I didn’t even know if the people making these plans knew what they were talking about.

Almost 14 years and thousands of miles later, I have figured some things out.

I have figured out how to get faster – what speed workouts are and how they work and how to do them, that I need to include consistent strength training that compounds rather than free workouts from whatever was included in that month’s Self magazine, and I need to fuel my body like an athlete instead of jumping on whatever cleanse I saw my favorite pseudo-celebs doing.

It is from this place that I created the free 2-week Misadventure Runner Plan, an all-inclusive resource created by me, a certified run coach with over 4 years of coaching women to achieve their run goals–getting faster, running longer, and falling in love with themselves in the process. All while running relatively low mileage and keeping up with their otherwise busy lives.

The Free 2-Week Misadventure Squad Plan

The plan includes 2 schedules for runs and strength training depending on your level. The first plan, Do All The Things, includes 3 runs per week (one speed workout, one run with drills, and one long run), 2 strength training sessions, and 1 flexibility/yoga/mobility workout. Most of these runs are around 3 miles, plus a slightly longer weekend run. The second plan, Crush All The Things, includes a 4th optional day of running and longer run workouts. This plan still includes 2 days of strength training and a day of flexibility/mobility/yoga.

The plan also includes 2 weeks of meal plans using recipes from my favorite online resources–so you can also favorite those sites and come back to them for years to come!

  • Ambitious Kitchen

  • Featherstone Nutrition

  • Real Food Whole Life

  • Girl on the Bloor

  • Lil Luna

  • Cooktoria

  • Mama Gourmand

  • Ahead of Thyme

  • Cooking for Keeps

2 Week Meal Plan For Runners

The meal plan is not based on any specific macro content, calorie counting, etc. but rather on intuitive eating and incorporating a variety of whole foods, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, etc. It does not follow any specific dietary restrictions, so be mindful if you have to eat following a certain diet or allergies.

Given that we’re not counting macros or calories, there are no official serving sizes included, but rather you should eat until you feel satisfied. The inclusion of more whole, real, foods will help that happen with less food, especially if you’re used to eating lots of on-the-go and convenience food.

The plan also includes lots of leftovers, reused foods, and one day a week out or of takeout because I know that training does not happen in a vacuum and you are still living life.

Free 2 Week Run Training Plans

Because so often runners struggle with finding time to include strength, running, and the mobility work we know we should do, I called these plans the “all the things” plans because they easily incorporate everything a runner should do without making it overly complicated or confusing. It’s a schedule you could plug in any workouts to and still make work!

The plans include one speed workout per week because practicing running faster is the only way to run faster–but it should only be 20% (approximately) of your total weekly miles. The plan also includes one run a week that has some form of a drill included – high knees or booty kicks. These drills help with running form and muscle activation. We are often told to make sure to warm-up before runs but then it gets skipped because of shortness of time. Including the drills into the run makes it simple and ensures it doesn’t get skipped! Lastly, the plans include one longer run per week because the combination of endurance and speed work builds those faster race day paces!

Free 2 Week Strength Training for Runners: BODi, Peloton, or YouTube

The last component of the plan is strength training and mobility work, the least consistent part for most runners. I wanted to keep this as easy to access so whether you use BODi, Peloton, or need a free resource from YouTube, there are links to workouts I’ve done and liked! (Disclosure: I subscribe to both Peloton and BODi and I’m a BODi coach – if you want to try BODi with a discount, email me here and I’ll hook you up!

Studies have shown that strength training helps improve endurance, longevity, and prevent injury for runners (and really everyone!). Newer studies are coming out with further evidence that strength training prevents muscle cramping in marathoning.

The last piece of the puzzle is mobility – if you are good at getting in that post run stretch, I applaud you! Unfortunately, I found myself skipping this piece most often, so thinking of one day a week as my active recovery with either an easy yoga workout, stretching video, or foam rolling class was incredibly helpful in making sure I didn’t skip it!

Check out the 2 Week Free Misadventure Squad Plan

Ready to check out the plan? Check it out here:

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Looking for more resources or ready to commit to more?

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