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Race Goals

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Races can be so hard because it's a one day, few hour event, that you train for so long. Many of us have these big goals that we want to chase, but then they're scary too! & we beat ourselves up when we don't meet the goals.

When it comes to racing, any distance I think A, B, & C goals are the way to go.

A Goals are when everything is perfect and going your way--the weather is great, your stomach is agreeing with you, your entire training and taper cycle was perfect, your kids slept all night and you're ready to go! This is your big scary goal.

B Goals are when you're feeling strong about your training, but maybe your kid is starting school or has been sick or you wake up on race day to an unexpected storm. Basically, life happened. This is a goal you'd still be stoked about, but maybe it doesn't scare you as much.

C Goals are the "I'll be happy if" sort of goals. They're the "I got injured and had to take a few weeks off" or "daycare was closed for 3 weeks in the middle of training" so you pivot sort of goals. Still hard, still just as worthy of being chased but adjusted based on the life circumstances of the moment.

Do you have A, B, and C goals for your next race??? Let me know if you want to chat about them!!!

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