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When should you hire a running coach?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

When should you hire a running coach? When do you need a running coach?

Honestly, you don’t NEED a running coach.

But if you have goals and you’re running hard, why not get expert advice and plans? If you were working hard in the gym, you'd work with a personal trainer. If you were trying to grow your business, you would find a mentor. Same should go for running, if you want to get better, find someone to mentor you.

That being said, not every runner is in a phase of life or their running story when it makes sense to work with a coach. If you can't dedicate time to running or won't get any runs in, it doesn't make sense. If you're 6 months pregnant and haven't run in a while, let's talk in 6 more months!

I recommend one on one coaching to runners who:

  • Have plateaued--they keep running hard but aren’t seeing gains anymore

  • Are feeling overwhelmed with training -- they’re not sure what plan to follow or which is best or what days to run or how to fit it into their lives

  • Questions on pacing -- they don’t know what paces to run different distances or speed work at and their pacing is a bit all over the place

  • Don’t race well - sometimes runners train great but consistently blow up in races for a number of reasons. Working with a coach can help pinpoint those so you can race better

  • Big jump -- when a runner is making a big jump in distance (i.e. a half marathon or marathon)

Working with a coach helps overcome these mental barriers athletes have. A good coach works with your schedule to make a customized plan that fits into the ebbs and flows of your schedule and your mental load.

Have you ever worked with a coach? If you're interested in 2-weeks of free coaching, just reply to this email and let me know!

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