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Ready, Set, Run: For Beginner’s Only Running

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

For Beginner’s Only is here and it’s AMAAAAAAZING!!! It’s the 8-week program designed for getting into a fitness routine for the first time EVER (go you, you amazing creature!) or for getting back to fitness after time off after an injury, a pregnancy, or life just getting in the way! Combine strength and running to get more fit, stronger, and stay injury free – for the long term!

Long gone are the days of questioning what to do, how to do it, and if this program is even designed for someone at your level! Because instead of hating the trainers and having to figure out what the heck the trainer is even doing, we are breaking things down and keeping it basic and FABULOUS…

Finally, a program that is designed to get your strong, fit, and injury free–for the long game!

I need this

I get that it’s hard to invest in yourself in the midst of all the other responsibilities. So here’s an exact breakdown of what happens when you sign up:

What’s included in For Beginners Only Running:

First things first, you get a welcome email from me with your run and strength combo training plan, a chance to schedule a 1:1 call with me to get started strong and prepared, and a link to join the private community. Plus you get a welcome guide with all the info you need to get set-up with BODI!

In addition to that you get:

  • 1 Year access to hundreds of other workout programs so you have somewhere to go when you finish For Beginners Only

  • Access to me as your coach for 1 year–I am your support for any questions

  • Nutrition programs - your choice of 2 nutrition programs designed by experts to meet any nutrition goals

  • 1 month sample of a energizing pre-workout so you are ready to go when it’s time to run or workout

  • 1 month sample of a superfood shake to stay healthy and get those workouts in, even in the midst of all the germs

  • Access to the Best Run Year Ever Community for the rest of 2023 – an amazing virtual runner’s community with monthly challenges and prizes, daily accountability, motivation, and more!

No matter your current fitness level, by the end of For Beginner’s Only Running you will feel stronger, more fit, and more energized. You will be able to keep up with your kids at the playground and be ready to tackle your next running goal!

What Is For Beginners Only?

FBO is a way to exercise for beginners! Super Trainer Lacee Green walks you through the basics with precision and patience but always keeps it fun and positive as she guides your cardio, strength, core, and mobility workouts.

You’ll feel empowered with moves you can master, supported by a trainer who shows you anything is possible.

For Beginners Only Running takes this to the next level by extending the strength program to incorporate running so you can become stronger AND accomplish those running goals at the same time!

What Kind of Workouts Can I Expect?

Lacee builds you up from your very first workout with expert cues and encouraging words to guide you safely and effectively through a range of exercises.

As you progress into Week 2, she introduces more intensity — but still at your pace — with precise coaching in every move.

You’ll build off these first weeks by taking all the movements you’ve learned and combining them in Week 3.

You can repeat this Super Block with Lacee as many times as you want, or plug into a new BODi Block of For Beginners Only each month.

The run workouts are walk and run intervals designed to help you run a 5k distance!

Do I Need Any Equipment?

You’ll need dumbbells. We recommend light, medium, and heavy — choose weights that challenge you without compromising form. If in doubt, start light!

You’ll also need Resistance Loops. A sturdy chair is optional.

How Do I Know if For Beginners Only Running Is Right for Me?

This is for you if you need to learn exercise fundamentals and want to fast-track your progress, or if you’re getting back into fitness after a break.

Even if you’re not a beginner and just want to be sure your form is correct, you’ll learn a lot with Lacee’s excellent tips.

If you haven’t run in a few months or combined running with strength training, this is an excellent way to start strong!

You can check out a free sample workout here too, just to be sure!

Who Is Lacee Green?

Entrepreneur, NASM-certified group fitness instructor, and proud mom Lacee Green has broken multiple glass ceilings.

She’s committed to showing that fitness comes in every shape, size, and color and that every body is beautiful.

You may recognize Lacee as the modifier from #mbf or from her live classes on BODi.

Now she brings her contagious positivity to For Beginners Only, her program for anyone beginning their fitness journey.

With more than a decade of experience helping people live their best lives, there’s no doubt you’ll leave her workouts feeling on top of the world!

Want to know more about Lacee?

When Can I Access For Beginners Only?

For Beginners Only launches March 6, 2023, exclusively on BODi.

For Beginners Only Running launches the same day through the Best Run Year Ever Running community.

How Do I Access This Super Block?

This Super Block is free with your BODi subscription. For more information on how to access this and future Super Blocks, click here.

Ready to join For Beginners Only Running?

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