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Run + Lift + Fuel: Everything you need to become a stronger, more fit runner

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Is your fall race over and you’re not sure what to do with your training?

You want to run a spring half or marathon but you aren’t sure what to do now?

Are you just starting to get consistent running and want to know how to fuel and strength train?

I’ve got you covered! The Run + Lift + Fuel course for runners will teach you how to combine running and strength training as well as fueling your body so you can continue doing it for years to come.

Professional Custom Running Plan

When you join the Run + Lift + Fuel course, you get to pick from 2 different running and strength plans based on your current fitness level, mileage, and time to dedicate to training. The plans are created by me, a professional run coach who specializes in training runners as complete athletes by incorporating strength training, their favorite non-running activities, and classes into training.

Strength Training For Runners

You know you need to strength train, but you often skip it because of all the things. With this course and the plan you will get above, you will know exactly when and what type of strength training to do based on where you are in your training cycle.

In this course you will also learn more about the why behind it. I will share some of the more recent studies and how to incorporate those into your training.

Running and GI Distress

Contrary to what people may tell you, GI distress on the run is not “just a part of running” although it is very common. I remember many people telling me at the start of my running journey to just take imodium before every long run – no thank you! This course will help you learn how to fuel your run before, during, and after, not just for performance but to avoid those dreaded runner’s trots and unexpected porta-potty trips!

What’s Included in the Run + Lift + Fuel?

  • You choice of 4-week schedule of strength and run running workouts including daily live workouts

  • Guidance on nutrition to achieve your weight loss and/or performance goals

  • Weekly education on running, strength training, and fueling the run (Subscribe to my email list here to check out a few of the PDF’s from last year’s course!)

  • Training PDFs you can refer back to that cover all the things we cover in the longer video courses.

  • Focused information on fueling the run to achieve performance and avoid GI issues

The Run + Lift + Fuel course is $99 for lifetime access to all resources given during the month.

What happens when you join?

You Trust your Training & Your Body!

I struggled for years with GI Distress on the run and small injuries for years. Never was enough to sideline me for long, but it was frustrating enough that I constantly questioned what I was doing wrong.

After 5 years of chasing a sub 2-hour half marathon, I made the decision to become a certified run coach and learn how to fuel my body so I never had the GI distress on the run again.

I also started using online strength training programs to supplement my running for strength training. Since learning how to fuel my body, I have not had any races impacted by GI distress. I have also solved the problem of small injuries by including strength training. With the combination of the two, I have PR’d in every distance from the mile to the marathon.

Most recently, while using the philosophy I coach my runner’s with, I ran a 32 minute PR, 40 minute postpartum PR in the marathon! I also had the most fun of all my four marathons while training and on race day.

Join the Group

To register or get more information about the Run + Lift + Fuel Course check out the page here or send me an email

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