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Running Form - Part 1

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How do I run? What is good running form? Is there a proper running technique?

I fully believe that everyone can run and has a natural gait, but there are some things that you can do to be a more efficient runner. Here are a few basic tips for running form to improve efficiency and help prevent injury.

  1. Forward lean: make sure you are leaning forward so that when you push off the ground you are creating a straight line from your heel to your head. Often runners bend at their low back and actually lean backward. A forward lean will help propel you forward with less effort--let gravity help you!

  2. Look forward. Not just forward, but don't look too far up in the sky or down at the ground. Make sure you are looking mostly at the horizon. It helps tell your body where to go and also helps with that forward lean.

  3. Pick up your knees. Think about the high knee drills or when you cycle. You pull your knees up for you have more force to push off the ground with. If you have lazy hamstrings and quads and glutes that aren't activating, you don't have as much muscle behind your effort and everything feels so much harder!

  4. Run Forward. This sounds so obvious, but it's a common running form mistake. Actually visualize running forward rather than "just running". It will help get rid of some extra bounce and side to side movement.

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