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Sure Thing and Running: The Best Strength Training for Runners

If you're here you're likely a runner and if you read any of my previous blogs you know how important I think strength training is to runners and the science backs it up. There are countless studies that show that strength training is key in distance running, it improves your endurance, decreases injury, improves stamina, and helps with longevity in the sport as well as increased overall health.

The new BODi program Sure Thing by Megan Davies is my current favorite strength training program for my athletes. The 8-week, 5 days a week program is perfect for runners and because you're already doing enough running, you can take out that cardio workout, so you're doing four strength workouts a week plus your runs. The body weight burnout workout is perfect to pair with an easy run, it's only a 30 minute workout and it's bodyweight only.

Sure Thing Workout Program

If you want to learn more about the sure thing workout program check out the video here.

Want to try a free sample of the workout? It’s here!

Sure Thing and Running: Race Distance Plans

To go with the Sure Thing workout program I have created 6 different race distance plans. Whether you are learning how to run and you want to build up to that first 5k or you are ready to run a full marathon, I have you covered. There is a 5k Back to Basics plan, a 5k PR plan, a 10K training plan, a Half Marathon finish strong plan, a half marathon crush it plan (perfect if you're looking to PR half marathon), and a marathon training plan.

My training plans are less in mileage than others that you might find online and that's because you're doing all of this amazing strength training using the sure thing program.

5k Training and Sure Thing Plan

Whether you want to PR the 5K or you're looking to figure out how to finish your first 5k, I have plans for either. The 5K Back to Basics plan is perfect for those who are looking to finish their first 5k, walk/run a 5k, or get back into running after time off or injury postpartum.The 5K crush it plan is for anyone who is looking to PR in the 5K distance.

Both plans are 9 weeks long and will have you finish the Sure Thing by Megan Davies workout program and finish your race strong.

10k Training and Sure Thing Plan

The 10K training plan is similar to the 5K training plan in that it's 9 weeks long and will have you finish the Sure Thing training plan in those 9 weeks. This plan is for anyone who is looking to build on a base that they already have. You'll need to be able to run 3 miles before starting this plan and it will build you up to finish that 6.2 mile distance.

Half Marathon Training and Sure Thing Plan

Similar to the 5K there are two training plans for the Half Marathon distance. Both of these plans will are 12 weeks long and use the Sure Thing workout program. After the first 8 weeks when you finish the Sure Thing workout program, you will transition to BODi workouts to finish the strength training portion of your training.

The first training plan is the Half Marathon finish strong plan. This plan is for anyone who is looking to run their first half marathon or somebody who maybe hasn't run the distance in a while. This plan includes three to four runs a week with your long run ending at 12 miles and includes one speed workout per week and no work no tempo work in the long runs.

The other option for half marathon training with the Sure Thing workout program is the half marathon crush it training plan which is exactly as it sounds, designed to get you to a PR in your half marathon. This plan has four runs per week with a long run ending at more than your 13 miles with 14 miles so that you are ready to crush that half marathon.

Marathon Training and Sure Thing Plan

The marathon plan includes the Sure thing workouts is 16 weeks long so a little bit longer than the half marathon training, will build you to one 20-mile long run and includes four runs per week along with the sure thing strength training workouts. The weekly mileage tops out right around 40 miles per week, so like I mentioned before it's a lower mileage plan, but with the addition of consistent strength training that is effective and targeting what needs to be done to keep you healthy as a runner I promise it will get you to the Finish Line feeling ready.

Ready to Train for a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon?

If you're ready to train for a 5k 10K half marathon or Marathon but you just need a training plan, I have you covered. Use this link to head over to the purchase page and purchase the Best Run Year Ever plan that matches the race distance you want to run!

Questions or not sure which plan is best for you send me an email and I'll help you decide

Curious about the Best Run Year Ever Group? Check out my blog with all the info here

I can't wait to watch you crush your next race!

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